Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Universe is Flat

This post is in response to an old post on symbology in Tibetan art for a holographic reality.
For aeons philosophers and scientists have debated what the physical shape of the universe is. Just recently on Universetoday a journalist reported that researchers and scientists have finally declared that the Universe is flat. Say what?

Various universe evolution scenarios. A universe with too much density collapses in on itself, a critical density universe stays static, while a universe with not enough density keeps expanding at a steady (coasting) rate. However, today's cosmology puts emphasis upon the cosmological constant, which gives an accelerating expansion. Does this mean that density is irrelevant? Credit: NASA.

Tibetan mandala depicting "Mount Meru" the object that in Tibetan mythology said to have created the universe.
"A remarkable finding of the early 21st century, that kind of sits alongside the Nobel prize winning discovery of the universe’s accelerating expansion, is the finding that the universe is geometrically flat. This is a remarkable and unexpected feature of a universe that is expanding – let alone one that is expanding at an accelerated rate – and like the accelerating expansion, it is a key feature of our current standard model of the universe.
It may be that the flatness is just a consequence of the accelerating expansion – but to date this cannot be stated conclusively."


Metaphysics teaches us that all things that contain an electromagnetic field or magnetic field will be torodial in shape. This applies to the human, the earth and they teach also the universe...

So if the universe is flat, that must mean its obviously not torodial, and obviously not electromagnetic/mechanical as the physicists have always thought it must be. But... how can 3 dimensional objects exist in a geometrically flat universe?

The above image is taken from The Scientific Indian blog. The author, Selva, posted how he was questioned about the connectedness of this world through synchronicity. He connected how the Belousov-Zhabontinsky reaction looked like a CMB picture of the universe. Explain that! BZ reactions are typically known for their formations of archimedes spirals which are said to be waves of information rather than mechanical.

 Do we live in a universe that communicates more through information transmissions/transactions than through mechanical motions?

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