Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Completed Wayfinding

My wayfinding project is almost done. God, was that a lot of work. I just have to do the outside entrance sign and parking garage signage and I'll be done. 

It's due tomorrow so I have tonight to work on them. This was definitely a project I struggled with only because it was completely out of my element (print/infographics) but at the same time it was in my element. It also dealt with typography which I'm not necessarily a fan of. I also applied the signs to different views from a 3d model of a building I sketched in Google Sketchup. Which I'll post later. 

I just am really pleased with the overall feeling of this. I took the layout of the information on an element from the periodic table and used the idea of grouping text like that. Taking the element abbreviation as an icon and kind of went from there. 

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