Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Third Eye Opening

At the risk of sounding nuts-o I've been meaning to post about this throbbing sensation I have been feeling frequently since the summer of 09' after my spiritual awakening. Yesterday I decided to do some research, some people believe the throbbing or pulsating sensation is the third eye sending waves of energy out and is beginning to slowly awaken.

I have suspected it has been the third eye. I actually hear this pulsating noise. Its like a heart beat but inside your head, so I'm hoping you can see why I am afraid to speak about this to anyone, cause they would definitely look at me weirdly.

Since then I've come completely out of my shell so-to-speak. I'm interested in subjects I never saw myself getting into in high school. My clairvoyance has been spiking. The end products to projects have been coming at me at the speed of light, faster than I can write down the ideas. I design based on an end product that I see in my 'third-eye area' and use that as a concept and apply it to my project.

Sleep is difficult. Especially near the full moon as I've mentioned before. The moon's energy seems to affect my hyperactivity/creativity. Philosophical and mystical ideas flow out right before I go to sleep to the point where I've started writing a journal to get these ideas down.

I have feel like I've been free from a lot of the things in my past and was able to just shed them away. Some ghosts are still there, but most of it I can put behind me.

I'm more aware/careful of what I put into my mouth and hardly overdose on any kind of drug; Tylenol, etc. My time of month has been extremely light to pretty much non-existent.

I'm excited to see where this will take me. I hope it continues to open.

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