Monday, October 31, 2011

Vintage Writing Poster Design

So I had a poster job to do for Tuesday among all the craziness that happened this weekend. Its for the literary magazine at school called the Manuscript and when I heard Manuscript vintage/romantic writing came to mind and this is my version of it. I tried to have it inspired by a postcard as it is a 'call' for submissions kind of poster I thought it was appropriate. Didn't want it to make it too much like a postcard though, just inspired by it. 

So my college decides to evacuate everyone off the art/music campus because they were worried about cold temperatures and our safety since that building is really dark with the lights off. Was not too pleased. 

I usually went up to the main campus to recharge my comp so I could use it for later when I was back in my room. I was up there today when I realized I had a big conference poster I needed to print out for a client. So I sent my adviser an email asking what I should do, then remembered that she may not have power and decided to call her. Funny that she had just gotten my message when I called her :) but then she tells me, "You have to evacuate from the dorm." And I'm like what? So I read the campus-wide email and thought, "fuck". 

I live six hours away from this school so the school gave us some options:

A) Go home
B) Stay with someone on North (main campus)
C) Stay with someone who lives in the area
D) Have office of housing find you a place on north in an unfilled dorm

So since staying with a friend would be more fun, I frantically thought of who lived in the area and then my friend Amy took me in.

So yay, hopefully the power will be back and I will be able to get into my dorm. The whole problem with this though is that they gave us less than 40 minutes to evacuate and that wasn't fair especially since the bus schedule from the art/music campus to the main campus ran on a half-hour schedule on the weekends. 

They're intentions were good, but poorly executed. 

Basically we were left to figure it out for ourselves. 

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