Thursday, November 3, 2011

Package Design Project

This is my package design project for my portfolio class.
The concept was to develop a package for a product that is a reflection of the company we created this semester. Since my 'company' I'm using is my k glyphics graphic design business I went with the whole "speaking to the past" stigma that most of my designs I have created this semester have.

The idea for this herb/spice line is a gift to a client that would have spent a lot of money on our services. Its like a hand out.

The line is a herb/spice/pigment line containing a herb/spice/pigment from an ancient culture that we're (I'm) inspired from. The reasons behind choosing each of the herb/spice/pigment is symbolic and has connections to mysticism and mythology.

I chose "Lucifer" as the name of the line. The name derives from the Latin term lucem ferre, bringer, or bearer, of light.

In mysticism, Adam from the Biblical “Adam and Eve”, refers to the atom form, and Eve refers to the light emanating from that form. Eve is the dawning of creation, the coming of the light. Eve is likewise, the evening, the end of the light. This symbolizes the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega, of the bringer of light. Adam and Eve together, are symbolic names for the electrically charged atom symbol, which in turn symbolize the light bringer, the bright morning and evening stars. Together they represent the creator of light, the creator god called lucifer, …who is the light bringer.

The herb/spice/pigments are:

Egyptian Blue "irtiu, sbedj" / Saffron of India "Kesar, Zafran" / chocolate of mexico "xocolatl"

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