Thursday, October 20, 2011

Alternative Energy Concept Car

So last night when I was supposed to be doing an assignment for my sociology class I got hit with some inspiration and an idea/concept for alternative energy car.

I like to think about things like this, and while I don't have the engineering background, I definitely have the design background as well as the ideas...

SO like most people this past week, I saw this video

and it got me thinking.

First question that came to my mind... how can we take this idea and use the technique to create a piece of practical technology from it?

Second question that came to my mind... how can we easily obtain liquid nitrogen?

While LN may be cheap, its not that easily obtainable and you have to be certified to handle it.
So I go on google and search for a 'kitchen' or 'hobby' science substitute. I find this substitute:

Its' not liquid nitrogen. But you can make a cryo-fluid having -110F temperature. (Liquid nitrogen is more like -320F.) A -110F liquid can perform most of the Liquid Nitrogen demonstrations.

Poor man's "Liquid Nitrogen" is made out of dry ice and 99% rubbing alchohol.

Do you know what dry ice is made out of? It's a condensed solid form of CO2. That's right, the gas that's in our air and what is said to cause global warming and pollution. And from my research as it melts it turns into gas again, but its not the same kind of CO2 that is from the air, its as delicate as what is used to make carbonated drinks.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

Levitation created by LN which can be substituted with a cryo-fluid having -110F temperature which is said to reproduce the same kind of LN demonstrations. But the question then is, can it reproduce the same kind of superconductor effects?

Since we're using dry ice, as product of a green-house gas, we're taking our problem and turning it into a solution.

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