Friday, August 26, 2011


Whelp. I am %95 packed. There are a few things around my room I need to look at, but everything else... all packed.

Can't believe summer is officially over. Phew. Didn't think I'll see the day... always say that.

Anyway today was interesting.
I had lunch with a good friend of mine from high school who went to Caltech and just finished. She's starting Graduate school at MIT this fall. We met a California Pizza Kitchen. I had a chicken sandwich with herb and onion bread, lettuce, avocado and bacon. Delicious.

I then left for dick blicks and I got there okay. I found what I needed okay. Mounting board was on sale!! Buy 2 get one free... so I bought 4 and got 2 free. I also got copper etching solution since I have a project in mind and the solution is hard to get, and paper binding compound to make my own pads of paper.

I used up a gift card I had from my birthday. I also didn't have to pay for parking!! Awesome.

I had an interesting experience today though. I am completely aware of the number of homeless people and the beggars out in between the streets holding a signs, etc. but I never had anyone come up to me and INTENTIONALLY beg... I was walking back to my car an african american woman came up to me, less than five inches from my face looked directly in my eyes and told me that she appreciated how nice I was to her and told me a sob story and begged for money. I told her that I was an unemployed art student who doesn't earn much. Then she proceeded to ask if I could buy her a cup of coffee, and I told her -again- that I was an unemployed art student who didn't have much to give, I only had enough money left to finish my errands for the rest of the day.

Ironically enough all what was going on through my mind was the CBS series about Hunger in America, and synchronistically that same series was on again tonight.

I decided to RS this because I took it as a "sign" something to make me pay attention.

Below is the content from the reversal. F is Forward and R is reverse. Everything in parentheses was not in the original recording but the people on the other side intercepted and changed. Sound goes through many materials, and here it can pick up sounds on the other side of the veil or mind. We are getting information from the Universal Mind, the part of our brains that we've been shut off that we can't use. This mysticism is based on the fact that reality is indeed a mirror, a hologram.

F: (come here... working.) (Mouth) There's a woman today (big net) Um (this is it) that begged for money (it begged for monies). um and, it got me thinking, because it has never happened to me and I kinda wished that I could help her but I didn't (hide) personally have any money left. (seen bigger) uh was there anything about this that's trying to teach me? because if so.... (odd). (He'll be great)(you forgot a mug) that moment in time. (it was trying to get me to see). And (follows also interesting) that um, they're continuing the "hunger in america" series tonight on TV. So, (she's living in the ghetto, hunger) and, um synchronistically too. (Wish, out backwards, wait) (so many beggars) this never really been apart of my life. Um, so yah.
Sound file:

R: Hi wuss. Monies, whatever. Eric's nephilim. The One's sick. Sees that ghost. Give to that black sheep. Goust/Ghost, nervous. So nervous, Ma. Derma, Mary Louise. Whose the wuss. He's lost to Ma. Fan of Seers. Dad's scaring my mother, give them a hug. Whose Niddle. Month. Have the instruments, has arrived. Knife. Yes. Urbian hut. Her net is too calm. Mars, eaten Mom. Dad, they're bargin. Worst defeat. They're evil. Wha... Wars Sphinx. They're keep/lucky. Who just lost. Pfft its certain. Darkness/Darkening, the earth's tilt. Mop. Air bubbles clogging around Nib. Right in the blizzard, Pria. You missed, the owl. Dells', Darpa/Derpa. The couch. Hopeful eyes, piss me off. Snake. Needs me, pack my meds. Circuit. Circle. His nephew, Husband's good. Mexico, its the Nemesis.
Sound file:

I'm not sure what the RS community has to say about this, but I find the reversals intriguing.

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