Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cable Car Concepts

So I've been emailing Cable Car Concepts to see what it would take to 'gut' and transform a used vehicle to what I have in mind. A brand new vehicle would be $100,000 which would be as much as a small house ... so they also suggested that I'd buy a used vehicle for $34,000 and then their deal would be to drop the price to $25,000 and have it be under my budget $30,000. Which would leave $5,000 to put the electrical and water systems in. They would also 'gut' it for me and take out the benches. Also the used vehicle is stationed in NJ which isn't a very far from Boston or Pennsylvania.

Makes me wish I had $30,000 now.

Working for a year at a decent job (25 hrs a week, for 25/hr) I would be ready in a year (260 days x $625 = 162,500). BUT if I was working 25 hrs a week at $15 (260 x $375 = $975,000) so I would still be ready in a year if I was working entry level as a graphic designer living at home. I plan to live at home for a year, unless I find someone to room with.

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