Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Suit of Pentacles - the Design Process

To me, the suit of pentacles represents the design industry to the fullest. You have....
the ace of pentacles
which is the sprout of a new idea for the design, got the job

two of pentacles
is a critique via the professor (or client) about your ideas on paper, the design is young, a balance of thought is exchanged that will materialize (on paper) into the design

three of pentacles
represents the transition from ideas on paper to the computer.

Four of pentacles
represents a solid foundation of the design - not necessarily finished but a good start, its secure, you've got all the basics covered, go for it.

Five of Pentacles
represents advice given to you but you may not be necessarily open to it, I see creativity a divine force and in the five a pentacles there is usually two figures avoiding a church - so perhaps this may also mean avoidance of creativity? Not using it? Lack of Inspiration?

Six of pentacles
represents moving on, finally getting ideas worked out an materialized on the computer you may have a comp (prototype) done. You have the ideas down, a good foundation, you took the advice finally, saw the "light" got inspiration.

Seven of pentacles
you are stepping back, admiring your work, you may have one final individual critique from the professor

the eight of pentacles
is getting the details, emerging yourself in the work figuring out the details, the presentation, being OCD about the design, praying you won't mess it up... that one more hurdle before you move on to.... THERE IS a design (pentagram) on the pentacles and we see a craftman working dilgently on it.

the nine of pentacles
where you can finally say "AHA! I am done!" this may indicate a project being done early where you may feel "bored" and "Laxed" about it and you can finally sigh with relief. I see a waiting period with this card.

The ten of pentacles
is a transition from the journey of the numeric suit to the court cards. You may be taking the design to the final critique or to the client.

Page of Pentacles
Represents you in the final critique. You are the designer who emerged from the numeric suit. This page is all about concentration of communication, he reminds me of the ace of pentacles, but instead of sprouting a new idea, he may take advice from the client. He is the page which the knight "picks" on. In medieval times, I believe pages are the figures that help knights prepare for battle. You've been through a tough journey already but you emerged a designer with a project ready to be handed to the client ...

Knight of Pentacles
After the final critique you are back at working, head first into the design making the changes the client wanted - they may even have set a date. You are now battling and fighting the changes, it is a slow process. I see this night being slower getting all the details straightened out and fought rushing against the time frame.

Queen of Pentacles
Win! You completed the design. You handed it in. You presented yourself well, you may have gotten your cheque already - or you may have gotten samples of the product. But since queens are usually seen as a secondary in the royal hierarchy the queen may represent you, since in the design industry its all about what the client wants (king of pentacles).

King of Pentacles
The client got what he wanted, He has your design, He may have reproduced it in 3d form (posters, packaging, etc).

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