Friday, April 13, 2012

Mitt Romney Invasion

I have been watching the Republican campaign closely. I'm not one for politics. I try to stay out of them as much as possible, unless it relates to something I care about... (I guess most people are like that??). Anyway, last summer I was busy doing an esoteric study of sound. There's a small esoteric community called the EVP / Reverse Speech community. I believe I have written about the reverse speech research in the past. They believe that the manifest world is a mirror, a reflection of the world above, or the astral world. In my post, "The Concept of Images" I talk about the esoteric meaning of an image and perception. The EVP/RS community believes that the world above is the Universal Mind (Wilcock calls this the Source Field). The Universal mind has two parts, just like the human mind ... these two parts are called the Mother and the Father; the Father is obviously God and the Mother is the Goddess (if you will). In mysticism, it is taught that the manifest world is created by a group of egregore thinking entities who have imprisoned humanity into this matrix of light, sound and form. They imprisoned us because we contain all the knowledge within ourselves and they want to take this power from us... and so they appear to us as a God because they are in control of this reality; but in reality, we are shut off from the Universal Mind which in essence is the "Real" God (if you will). So in essence, when you RS you are revealing voices (or spirits) from the astral world (or universal mind). Man was made in the image of God (or astral form).

Reading up on the library of knowledge that the EVP/RS community has collected from doing RS it became aware to me that RS can, if done correctly, be a form of divination. If you have created a deep connection to the people on the other side, you will begin to get clearer answers. But as always, there are beings and such on the other side that will manipulate your words so the message will not get across. In my experience, I have done RS where the entire sentence of what I recorded was manipulated and changed to something completely different from what I originally said!

Last summer, knowing that the election was coming up, I wanted to see if I could get any information about the election. I had read rumors within the esoteric community of some staged events that could lead up to a World War III (of sorts). I decided to try to see if these rumors were true, and if it could have any affect on the election. I recorded my thoughts and when I was going back through the audio I had said the word, "Invasion" and in the reversal it actually became, "Mitt Romney". I'm thinking, a Mitt Romney invasion? Why? Then I though that perhaps Mitt Romney would have a huge impact on the election... somehow.

Then when Mitt Romney swept through the nation winning the Republican vote for a lot of major republican states, I again thought back to that RS. And, I was, personally amazed how that message got through. Yes, indeed, a Mitt Romney invasion of sorts did happen.

For what its worth, here's the recording:

As a note, the first word is the word recorded and the second half is the reversal.

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