Monday, April 9, 2012

Daily Draw: 02

See? I told you I wouldn't keep up. Anyway. I'll keep doing daily draws whenever I think of it I guess.
Two days already and I haven't done it since Saturday!

I've been busy putting together Senior Art show work, which is due tomorrow and thankfully it is all done! Just gotta figure out how to truck it all over to the art department without destroying it all. :-)

For tomorrow, I drew the Page of Coins. Perfect card for submitting work. Pages are all about messengers of a practical nature. Or givers of materialistic means. I'm supposed to be submitting my work for the senior art show as well as dropping off signs for my internship.

I didn't remember on Sunday cause well I was up way past my bed time getting senior show stuff together, had a drink and promptly fell asleep.

Tonight, I plan on working on those signs and shooting the second roll of my self-portrait project so I have something to work on in Photography.  Gah! Things are starting to overlap each other... not liking it one bit.

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