Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Daily Draw: 03

Today: Page of Pentacles.
Tomorrow: Knight of Swords.

Recap: Totally a Page of Pentacles day! Busy, busy. I think pages tend to be a busy be type personality. Which, is surprising as, pentacles are slowwww. But the pentacles manifested as completely physical things. I.e: I received two packages, a business proposal, studiosouth related messages, dropped off 3 posters and my senior show stuffers, etc. Yes! I may have a potential client, though we haven't exchanged a lot of emails yet. I'm still waiting to hear back about what they are interested in. Today was totally a page of pentacles day. I would say pages are about manifesting things of a physical nature that you may or may not be expecting.

Tomorrow? Knight of Swordssssss.
The knight of words. Fast communications. Only thing that it could be referring to is that we're having a speaker come in tomorrow in Interactive. He'll be talking about creativity, and thinking out-side the box (!).

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