Monday, January 30, 2012

Student Union Internship

So because the academic administration messed up my senior year, I was forced to do an on campus internship. I live six hours away from school and I don't have a car on campus cause it costs like $230 a year for a parking pass. I wasn't planning on coming back senior spring semester so I didn't buy a parking pass. Now I'm back, and really don't mind being back, but at the same time I could be doing an off campus internship somewhere.

Anyway, I decided to do an on campus internship because A) I needed courses to be considered a full time student and since I basically took everything I'm doing this internship and 2 photo classes. B) To brush up my skills even more...

So one of the things I'm working on is doing graphics for an event that the Student Union here is putting on. This year is its' 50th anniversary. They are celebrating by having a 60's themed event since it was built in the 60's. I was like, "Oh great. 60's so over done..." so since its in March I decided to go with the flower power kind of theme.

I'm hoping to do a more fulfilling internship during the summer somewhere if I don't get a job right away.

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