Friday, February 3, 2012

Sad Week

For some reason the events of last weekend have struck me differently than I think I expected. They have reactivated some of the days during high school when whenever the vice principle announced the death of a fellow student due to suicide. One day, once a year in high school we learned about a death of a fellow student. Those memories came back and hit me like a brick when I heard about Kirsli's tragedy. The feelings of being shocked and the sadness; feelings of confusion and feeling a bit lost.

Its the same kind of emotions I think. While a fatal accident is not the same as a suicide, the emotions created from such an sudden event are the same I think. While I never was friends with any of the people who committed suicide, it affected the people around me.

One kind of lives in a bubble and they go through life thinking that how can anything puncture that perfect bubble that they have built around themselves. And then something so sudden such as a suicide or fatal accident pops that bubble and shakes and shatters the very foundation of your life. I know, I've seen it; several times before. Its not pretty and its very difficult.

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