Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yay new semester!

So, its a new semester and lots has happened since jan 10!

I took my French CLEP exam and missed it by 4 points so I have ended up signing up for French III which I haven't been too happy about as I've got my senior art stuff to focus on. 

I'm still fighting to get the credit transferred and there's a big possibility that my Umass professor may just up the grade so it will get transferred over.

And so now I am having my hypothyroid medication adjusted and they doubled it. So I'm like wired without having caffeine. Its a weird feeling. Anyway, also been experiencing a bit of a second spiritual awakening (lol) as everything I thought was normal with me has been a slow on coming symptom of low hypothyroidism and who knows how long this has been going on for. As long as I've been alive possibly.

Stupid low hypothyroid messing up my childhood ... heh...

Anyway, perhaps I'll lead a relatively normal adult life now that I've got energy and my brain back. It causes mental dullness/confusion so it may or may not have caused my supposed mental disability (!) I don't know.... I don't know anything anymore about myself...

I'm excited to switch my focus a bit more to my photography classes though it seems that I have a nice balance of photography and graphic design stuff to do this semester. I'm excited especially with this new found energy...

I also figured out a way to make that visual language I had in mind. Just gotta figure out how to do it.

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