Monday, January 2, 2012

Receiving Money in Dream

So before I went to sleep last night I told myself I'd remember my dreams (I usually don't) and upon waking I remembered my dream! Anyway, in this dream I was at a bus stop (it felt like a bus stop in Bethlehem, PA) and this middle aged lady came up to me with a square salmon colored box and said, "This is for you". Inside was a fortune cookie sized piece of paper that said, $11,1111 (yes it was written like this not $11,111). Then this lady and I went inside a building to discuss what to do with it. I decided to invest 2k and put the rest into a separate bank account.

According to Qabbalah, 11 is the number of Death, but that doesn't necessarily mean physical death. In tarot the Death card usually indicates the end/beginning of some kind of change, or transition. If I took 11,111 and translated it into binary it would look something like this; "01101111" which in an alphabet>binary code translator would be the letter "O". From Qabbalah "The letter O is the All Seeing Eye concept".

The Salmon color is a cousin of the primary color orange


Primary dream symbol: orange
The color orange can represent:
  • Bold, outgoing, assertive, invigorated
  • Autumn, or the "winding down" of a phase or cycle

Squares often represent a point of rest, a time needing to be spent alone. In tarot, the number 4 is often represented as this. 4 would be the number to mathematically construct a square. Since the box is a material item, I would associate the salmon color box with the 4/Pentacles tarot card.

4/Pents represents the following in a reading:
  • 4P shows a woman shutting herself inside her home because she needs to be alone and sheltered
  • means to "hold tight", or stay in a holding pattern- not to take precipitate action.
  • "Hold on to your dreams, but be open and flexible and give them the energy they need to develop". 
  • One interpretation I really like is this:
    • Sacred Space
      Sometimes I think of the 4 of Coins as a Cathedral, instead of a castle/prison. When I was a student (in a previous century), I took a course in "Geography" (it was more like anthropology). We read Mircea Eliade, and learned about the symbolism of human structures. If I recall anything through the dingy, cobwebbed recesses of memory, -- in ancient societies, the four walls necessarily created "sacred" space. Outside the four walls, was chaos, wilderness. Within the four walls was a place for God. Source: 
The sacred space interpretation seems to really fit with the whole box thing containing the message, $11,1111. Even the dollar sign on the keyboard is the number 4. Especially if the $11,111 translates to 01101111 to mean "O" or the all-seeing eye God concept. Its' almost as if I am being handed the all seeing eye...

The middle aged lady if I remember right had an emerald green jacket and thin, short curly strawberry blonde hair. Although these details are fuzzy, so they aren't too important. Sometimes in dreams middle aged women may be a reflection of the dreamer in a 'future' state. As in the Maiden, Mother and Crone? Perhaps some future state of myself I will be receiving the all-seeing eye, becoming enlightened? Or perhaps I won't be fully enlightened until I am a mother or middle aged?

Money doesn't necessarily mean money in dreams, especially since I wasn't handed actual cash or a check. The money that was discussed was almost illusory because no actual check or cash was presented. This may be a stretch but 2,000 may be the number of years it took for my spirit to become enlightened? If we're implying that the illusory money given to me is spiritual enlightenment, investing 2k could be considered that my soul has invest 2,000 'dollars' of this spiritual dough. And since I put that 2k in the bank, I've got $9k to go or 9,1111 years to go. Perhaps though originally since I interpreted 11,1111 as a binary code; 9,1111 may be also another code. You know, if you take a closer look at 9,1111 it is 9/11/11. Which would be September 11, 2011, last year. Or if you add the elevens in such a way that you get number 4 (again, 1+1+1+1). Who knows! The later of this may be a bit abstract for this though, the spiritual dough seems to apply to this better than the numerology presented at the end.

Heck, I certainly hope it won't take 9,1111 more years for my soul to develop!

I decided to google the number "9.1111" and this came up as the first entry:

9/1111 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach, Qld 4221

Interesting that the street of the address is "Gold Coast"? As gold has often been associated with spiritual enlightenment.

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