Tuesday, December 27, 2011


So I have finally time to sit down and write a decent post. Been awhile.
What's happened this month? A LOT.

The week after thanksgiving I began to feel sick. Loss of appetite, extreme weakness and fatigue. I had it for the entire week and went to the health center by Friday. They tell me that I have Viral syndrome basically a virus that hasn't manifested yet and told me to sleep and rest over the weekend. Well I did that, and kind of got better, but it didn't really go away. While I was at the health center I made an appointment with the doctor for Monday. Monday I go see him and he tells me its anxiety and then tells me I should go to the hospital Tuesday morning to get an AKG, heart monitor and bloodwork done. I flipped out since this was now during the final week of classes and for me, all of my art finals happened in about a span of a week.

I broke down at the health center cause I could not deal with something like that. I don't know the area of Bethlehem all too well, since I don't have a car, my travel distance is kind of limited to the campus distance. I had a whole bunch of projects to do in a span of five days since that monday and it wasn't that I didn't feel like I could not do them, it was my sickness stressing me out even more because I had no strength to work on them. Bad day that monday? Yes.

My portfolio seminar class was supposed to go and have a book making workshop that afternoon but thankfully it got moved. But I couldn't make any decisions myself since I had pretty much lost my mind. I went to my prof for that class and got a bit of an extension and found out that our final critique time wasn't until Tuesday of finals week. Phew, I've got the weekend to work on the book.

I decided not to go to most of my classes that week, since I had no strength whatsoever. I ended up not going to the hospital since I couldn't think straight and really didn't have the time during an already crunched schedule, so I waited until I got home.

I finished my art finals and studied for my sociology final which I got a B- on. But then I was handed back a book review and was accused of plagiarizing that paper!! FOR REAL. As a hobby researcher I should know better than NOT to plagiarize! I got an F for the assignment but not a Zero, but anyway, I didn't get another F because it was combined with a presentation that my group got an A on. I SWEAR my professor had something against me. He was one of the most arrogant professors I have EVER had. UGH. But thankfully I passed sociology. After the final, I broke down again in my room about the accusation and I couldn't do anything about it. I had spoken to my prof right after the final since he was going on Sabbatical and he said to me, "There's nothing you can do about it now". I emailed the deans and they couldn't do anything about it either since my prof didn't file charges for it. So he won either way. FUCK HIM.

And no, I didn't plagiarize. I wrote those 5 fucking pages myself, granted there were a few things that were incorrect fact and grammar wise, but it probably felt disjointed because I wrote it while under severe anxiety.... sigh.

So. I finish the semester with a straight B+ average except for sociology which I got C-.
I go home and do the bloodwork and they tell me that I have an inactive hypothyroid, so now I am being medicated for it for the rest of my life. Yay for getting my energy and life back??

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