Monday, November 21, 2011

Revisiting Reading

I apologize for not being interesting or posting a lot lately. The semester is winding down and pretty much coming to a close, which means art finals are coming up soon as well as regular finals. I've had no motivation to do anything and it seems as if the semester is catching up to me.

Since I didn't get my internship, I need to figure out my schedule. I also had a couple of days last week where I did not feel like doing much at all, and simply did not, so now I am behind in my work.

Yesterday I went to Baltimore with the art department and spent about 10 hours of walking around the city on no sleep. Never again! I was so tired, I slept whenever we were on the bus. It was bad...

Anyway, one of the things I do usually at the beginning and end of the semester is do a reading comparisons seeing and reviewing the semester to see if the reading I did at the beginning of it came true.

Reading Analysis:
    Seven of Coins, indicated the card of crossroads. Boy was this card true! This card I believe spoke to my internship. I was definitely at cross roads in october, waiting nervously and patiently to hear from disney. I also came across some scheduling problems where I found myself to be 1.25 units short from graduating early. Since one of my summer classes didn't transfer over. I didn't know where and what to do for next semester and didn't know for a long time until just this past week.
   Four of Swords, indicated the card of rest. So true! After last year, I guess this card is/was referring to all the drama that happened last year. Also I am taking some time off of some of my duties that I have during the school year to really focus on my school work and to make sure I have a kick-ass portfolio by graduation.
   Ten of Coins, indicated the Card of Permanence. This happened to be true as well. I had a lot of good business progression regarding design projects. I had quite a lot of them too. Occupy Bethlehem, Manuscript Poster, a website and I know I'm forgetting one... so yes I've been getting paid for them too and that's nice. :)

You can find the reading for this semester, here.

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