Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Amnesty International Poster

Oh my. This was a poster for a competition that we were required to submit to for Amnesty International for my Artists as Activists class. We were supposed to have done this as a group project, but two sorority girls (who have no design experience what-so-ever) took over and didn't really want to work with anyone who had experience. They had their mind set on one design, and you can't create an effective poster based off one comp/sketch. 

I think one of them may have been a design minor or something, but still just because you take a design class or two doesn't mean you're a designer =/

But I ended up taking what was discussed in class because I thought we were doing this together and no one liked my version (lol). Honestly... sure we all have opinions but we needed to work together and that's what was not happening. 

So this is what I came up with. 


  1. I like it, and your new background too! (usually just read in google reader). Group work can be sketchy sometimes; I get the point of it, but it's hard to compromise when concepts are different.

  2. "but its hard to compromise when concepts are different"


    I understand the point of group projects, but design wise? hmm...

    Oh I just changed the template. I didn't design it, my site got hacked so I had to completely swipe my server clean as well as my blog template =/