Monday, December 5, 2011

New Self Portrait

I took this awhile ago and decided I liked it as I was going through old photos of mine for a design project I'm working on right now. 
I have roughly an hour or so to complete it... 

But this is obviously a reflection. 
My face isn't that proportionate so one side of my face looks completely different at a different angle which I find to be a bit of an eye sore and causes me to not be photogenic at all. But, artistically it can create cool effects like this. 

Myself as two people, almost.


  1. I once took a head on shot, cut it down the middle, copy, pasted and flipped each side to make two portraits. I look like a dude on my slimmer side and like a chubbier lady than I am on the other.

    Kind of funny how faces can work.

  2. Yep. I heard that when we form in our mother's womb, our face takes features from both sides, the mother and father and forms our own unique face. Those who have a more symmetrical face may have parents who have more of a 'classic' beauty about them. Its interesting and actually a touchy subject since it goes into natural beauty...