Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snow is a life ruiner.

This weekend. OMG

Last night some dumb drunk college students (probably) released the fire extinguishers on three floors and set off the fire alarm. It took about an hour and a half for the situation to resolve. The fire alarm in my dorm is ear piercing loud and I cannot stand loud noises and I usually get into a bad mood whenever there is a fire alarm. I have to muffle my one decent ear as I don't want to go as deaf in that ear as I am in my left. Not fun at all.

Then I was up until like 4 am because of the fire alarm waking me up and going out in the chilly out side. I slept late today and about 1 pm the power in the dorm went out because it was SNOWING outside. Two days before Halloween it SNOWED. I have never experienced snow this early, in New England the first snow usually happened around Thanksgiving. 

But no power meant no elevator (I live on the fifth floor) and no food service in the hill. So I had to lug my stuff up to the main campus because the student union had food service and power and I need to get work done today. I was definitely not happy waking up today.  BLAH.

Oh and I think my fridge is slowly dying. It froze my water.

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