Friday, October 28, 2011


Ahh. So this lovely bag arrived at my mail box this week from lovely mother! I have been wanting one of these bags since high school as they appeared to have become a staple for carrying all our textbooks, notebooks, binders and survival kits. Considering I grew up in a wealthy/upper middle class town and the majority of the students could afford to spend around $120 (what it was then) on a bag they'd use every day. Though since my parents didn't see the purpose of spending money to show that you had it they wouldn't agree to spend $120 on a bag that appears to be extremely high quality. 

I abuse my bags, as I carry a lot in them. Sometimes even my laptop gets thrown in there when I'm on the run. Otherwise it goes into the computer bag.  

But I found a few chinese sellers on ebay that drew me in because they were selling these at $32! Flat. So I did some research and found out that there was a group of makers in china who made these bags, not Longchamp themselves. They USED to make them, but when they found out that they could make them for cheap in china they did and then jacked the price up to $140. Yeah, not about to spend that much on a bag either. It took a lot of trust because sometimes people sell knock offs... and I didn't want to get something that looked like the real deal but was actually crap in quality since I was looking for quality and not necessarily aesthestic. 

I also wanted something a bit more sturdy and professional looking for my future job and/or internship. 

So I hope that this bag will not let me down. I've gone through so many bags and the one that has lasted the longest for me was a flowery canvas bag from kohls but the handle was so short I've resorted to using weekend bag now. 

So a legit Longchamp Les Pliages for $32. Not too shabby. 

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