Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mediterranean Pizza with Farmer's Market Veggies

So on tuesday was the opening day of the Steelstacks farmer's market in Bethlehem Pa. I went with my friend Jeni as we both loved farmer's markets. Through IMPACT (on campus activities group) Moravian agreed to have FREE trips to this farmer's market right in Bethlehem. This news made my week. I love farmer's markets and I've been trying to eat healthier too with the market option I may just be able too... anyway so Jeni and I went at 4:30pm.

Since it was the opening day, unfortunately there wasn't a lot of people there but this market has a lot of potential. They have a great variety of farmers' goods from; eggs to beef (!!!) A couple of vegetable stands, apple stands (with cider!!) breads (with country bread), cheese (!!) and late summer + early harvest veggies.

I had a lot of mediterranean pizza over the summer and was craving some so I went to the market with the pizza in mind. I had a great success finding the veggies I needed. I actually had looked up the pizza I had at the restaurants' website and they vaguely listed what was in it. The only two things I couldn't get at the market were the olives and feta (which I got at the school snack market...).

Then today I went to the closest convenance store and bought baking supplies to make a no-yeast pizza dough. I used this recipe: and it was brilliant! Since there was no yeast, the crust is more like a hard crust rather than a soft crust. Which ended up fine because if there was a soft crust, I think the topping would've fallen off.

I chopped up the veggies and did a quick stir fry in vegetable oil and oregano. Once I had put the dough on the pan, I oiled the top (probs unnecessary) and grated oregano cheese I had gotten at the market. I did a simple stir fry of oregano and vegetable oil with the basil, tomato, cucumber and red onion. I then put the cooked veggies on the pizza and put the feta and olives on top and grated more cheese on top. I then put it in the oven at 425 degrees for 20-25 mins (or until the feta turned a little brown on top). So delicious! Although, next time I think I might add a spice, not sure what spice to use.

Cooking makes me nervous cause I always seem to mess up the simplest steps, but I just winged this using a no-yeast pizza dough and a stir fry I found on line.



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