Friday, September 23, 2011

Logo Colors

I got an A- on this logo. :) But I still can't figure out the colors for it. Not sure what to go for. The one below is what I'm currently using. I do like the thinner lines of the logo, but it doesn't work so well now with the green/gold colors. I like green, but I feel like I'd get tired of it fast. Same with the blue... this is funny because I am all about color usually. The one below is what I turned in. I like it because its colors that I love and its also CMYK (the black would be the text) but most people in the critique said it would be too much going on. I don't think so though...

I like the above colors as my business card but it didn't really go well with the rest of the package.

Then the green/gold colors went well with everything else but not the business cards.... =/

So as of now I'm using the green/gold. The green/gold version looks really nice in black and white. 

I may end up just keeping it black and white.

I saw the below this morning ... its a brand identity for La Sal Gallery. The name was chosen with help of numerology and the whole idea was to combine two distinct subjects: salt and jewelry into one strong idea. So the designers went with an alchemical theme. They kept it very sleek/corporate looking to keep the scientific feel of it...  But I just found it cool that the logo they came up with looked like it could be apart of mine! (source).

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