Friday, September 16, 2011


This is where my personal logo is headed. Before there were a lot of comments on making it less blocky... one idea was to make one "K" more distinct but with this particular design that idea ended up breaking up the unity this one has. Also it does not matter if you cannot tell that it was made out of a 'k' that's the element of surprise, or mystery that I'd rather keep. 

I used the bevel and emboss filters for this and I think it works. My prof liked this one a lot better and I do too. So I think I'm gonna scrap the CMYK idea. CMYK colors are hard to work with because there are four of them. There's basically only two colors here; the sage green and the gold color.


  1. Probably best to not have too much going on. Good choice.

  2. Thanks. I really like how the other one looked using CMYK

    And then I had a more simplified version of CMYK it just wasn't working and didn't really feel like a brand.