Friday, September 30, 2011

Disney Institute

So this past month I got my application together to apply for the Graphic Design Communications internship at the Disney Institute at Lake Buena Vista in Florida.

This week I got an email from them to schedule a phone interview for next friday! Basically to talk about my interests, skills and experience. Very excited.

Let's hope it goes well.
They said I was a strong candidate so I thought that was cool.

'pologies for the lack of posts. Not been feeling great/been busy with school. My digestive system decided to go last weekend and its been messed up since. Had the worst cramps for the first time in three years and today I suffered from a miniature migraine. I took Tylenol which didn't do anything and then napped for three hours and felt gross and groggy when I woke up. But the piercing headache is gone. It may just be stress... sometimes my body reacts to stress even though I don't feel stress or pressure.

I had to miss gym on Wednesday night because since I was sick over the weekend I fell behind in my homework and projects. Way behind and stayed up late monday and tuesday but I still forgot to do one thing for Tuesday which I did yesterday for today. I was told by my instructor that I couldn't miss any gym... and would have to get the excuse approved... sigh! but I took a gym class last year and was told I could miss two classes... I need this gym class for credit to graduate. It will probably be no big deal and will be approved but I'm getting more stressed with every road block that I cross for me to graduate early!

First I have to get a letter written for the dean to appeal a grade I got over the summer for a class I took for credit because it wasn't high enough. Second Jan (the secretary from the art department) and I realized that I'm a quarter credit short! URGH. So we decided to make studiosouth an internship for me for the second half of the semester so I can get the quarter credit... I still have to get the paper work for it... but yeah...

and now this gym class miscommunication pffft! The world doesn't want me to graduate early...

and if I get that internship (really really hoping I do) I really -do- need to graduate early!