Thursday, August 18, 2011

Myths and Storytelling

I was reading my book,
Sacred Sounds
by Ted Andrews, today on the beach when I came across a chapter that talks about myths, mystical teachings and storytelling. My head was going, YES YES YES!!! all excitedly, because that's what a huge part of my research is, rediscovering the art of symbology and how it connected to the esotericism in myths and folklore.

Someone else published what I thought I had only seen. Apparently a mystic storyteller was a bard, who was able to carry on the mystical teachings and put them into story format that the public was able to accept. If they didn't know they were mystical teachings, then the wisdom would be kept but the mystique might be lost.

Which brings me to conclude how I believe Science-fiction, fantasy and other 'otherwordly' stories of our time, may in fact be very real. That the author was taping into the Universal Mind and pulled its teachings forward to create the story. So before chucking a story away that may appear to be far fetched, study it and analyze its contents. What teaching may be contained within it or a moral or something that is supposed to enlighten the public.

I'd like to take this practice further and see how I can incorporate a story format into my design work as well as my life in general. i think that would be cool.

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