Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Naive Compassion

This is a post that may sound whiney, and uncompassionate and really negative, but this is my blog and I need to post this.

You cannot understand this world without diving into the negativity. If you go about your daily basis, believing in a God who will answer every prayer, give you all you want, and if you serve HIM and show unconditional love, you will not get far in helping people. Serving at homeless shelters, and other volunteer places, will not get you anywhere either. Don't do it out of "faith", because the world needs it, do it because deep down, you feel you OUGHT to.

Before anyone says I'm a naysayer towards monotheism, I believe in One God, but I see HIM as a Universal Mind. I see us also as Gods and Goddesses. So yes, everything is absolutely the same.

However, I don't believe in a "Christian God" or "Allah" or "Krishna" or "Yahwah" or "The Great Architect of the Universe" any other name that any other religion uses for the Universal Mind. I use "Father", "Mother" to describe the Universal Mind.

People ask why does there have to be so much negativity, so much poverty, so much homelessness...

The answer is: it brings awareness. It improves the spirit. The spirit cannot function on a Paradise state. It will not grow. This universe is an asymmetrical composition, its' meant to have similarities and differences.

If you cannot learn to accept and see the other side to things, your one-sided spirit will not grow and evolve. It will stay the same, opinionated self. You will not be able to see and use others' opinions to grow and formulate your own opinions.

If you read a lot of poorly written mainstream media articles that are one sided or that fail to give an opinion, you won't learn to think for yourself.

I do not consider myself to be a conspiracy theorist, but I do read into a lot of them. I read what I feel is right. I believe to have been blessed with the ability to see through lies whether they are unintentionally fed to us or not.

I just freaking KNOW! I know that's not enough for some people to deal with. But I don't know how else to describe it.

There -are- reasons for the numerous wars, and famine, and bounteous of natural disasters and the biggest piece of wisdom I have ever learned, was from this RS session.

F: I know a lot about the physical dimension.
R: To know is a lie.

Just because you read everything about something, just because you study what's in front of you and what you study physically before you with your own eyes, it doesn't mean you KNOW. TRULY and UNTHINKABLY just KNOW.

You can't be all loving and compassionate towards those who are struggling, if you don't UNDERSTAND the Law of Duality. If you don't UNDERSTAND the reality we are currently in and being IMPRISONED in.

You won't be able to understand the world, you just won't.

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