Friday, August 5, 2011

Mystical Life: Sausages and Finance Investors

So I have been having really weird synchronicity and 'coincidences' lately.

This summer has been pretty hard on me for finding work.. being rejected twice for internships, losing two clients, etc.

I know I shouldn't be too hard on myself, but as I was talking with two people on facebook my career is really what keeps me going unfortunately. I feed off success like a vampire or mosquito feeds off blood.

I live on success, and if I don't see myself as successful, it depresses me, extremely. I want to get ahead and I want to please everyone around me. Which means, I will jump on any business opportunity that presents itself.

My parents don't necessarily care about my career, they only want me to make money and support myself. They aren't creative or very artistic, and its hard to propose projects when they can't even share my visions.

I get that... but I do need some support of what I do in order to move on, I can't completely rely on myself, otherwise in my head I go, "IF people around me don't like what I do, why continue to do it?"

This conversation came at an interesting time.
I got an email in my junk folder from someone who claims to be a 'Prince in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia' who owns an arabian cement company. Emails from my contact form on my website goes into my junk folder so that's why I picked up on this. His approach to me appeared to be pretty legit. He wanted to be a foreign business partner and financial investor to a profitable business. The investments he wanted to make was pretty grand. I sent him an email back saying I was interested and then offered me some more information. I had researched his name and nothing came up regarding scams or frauds. In my second email to him, I asked for identification because I have heard people buying titles and using them to promote themselves. He may be a Prince, but how much royalty does he actually have in his genes...

I got his first email last night before I went to bed.

THAT night I had a dream. In the dream I was talking to my friend Kyle and he was showing me something on his phone. When he gave me the phone the phone turned into a half sausage that was slice vertically. The half sausage wiggled like a fish and attacked me. I woke up when it attacked me and realized my mom was shaking me, the shaking I think had incorporated itself into my dream.

The sausage looked just as the zucchini does in the picture above.
Weird dreams are weird...

I thought nothing of it until this morning I got the response from Le Prince.

After I replied to him I did a tarot reading regarding the partnership. I got the King of Pentacles, the Star and Five of Wands.

I identified Le Prince as the King of Pentacles
and the Star as myself and the FIve of Wands as struggles.

King of Pentacles:
The King of Pentacles is an excellent card to receive with regard to financial questions. Your finances are very likely to be on the upswing, largely due to your own efforts and/or wise investments. This is not a time to speculate wildly. Take calculated risks, perhaps, but don't get carried away. Share your wealth when and where you feel moved to do so. Remember that money is just money; you can't take it with you.

Again, this is a very powerful positive omen. You will do better financially than you imagined. This is a great time to take risks (only those you can afford,) to ask for more money at your job, and to sell things. You'll have everything that you need, more than likely, and then some. Enjoy it.

If this is yourself, you are intuitively heading towards the direction of where you should be on your own personal path in life. You are also about to have much abundance enter your life through many and varied ways. If you have been looking for a certain job, more than likely you will achieve it and this will reflect what is going on inside you, which is finding your true niche in life. You are also able to express yourself more truthfully without hindrances from your past or your upbringing. Your intuition is extremely heightened at this time and can bring on flashes of insight to guide you through the many decisions you are going to be facing. Trust in your future and show great faith against the odds and you will succeed. Something to do with the country, or near a river or ocean may figure strongly in an event which will occur within about one month.

Five of Wands:

Some associations are - career, creativity, energy, desire, action, intuition, sex, movement, victory, enthusiasm, confidence, competition, magic and excellence.

The number five represents disrupted stability, struggle, uncertainty, upset, change, disruption, adversity, conflict, loss, disappointment, challenge and difficulties.

According to Paul Foster Case the number 5 represents FEAR. We sometimes fear our own actions and must remain aware of how they affect our decisions.

Then after the reading, I remembered the dream and looked up the Symbolism of sausages:

One interpretation said, "You are likely to be happily surprised by a sudden turn of luck concerning business or financial matters"

another said, "Cutting meat in a dream indicates a coming increase in material wealth"

Just did another reading regarding the Five of Wands being the struggles, not too bright:

The Hangedman

* Yield
* Suspend
* Surrender
* Sacrifice
* Non-Action
* Submission
* In-Between

Eight of Swords

* Fear
* Illusion
* Limitation
* Exclusion
* Constriction
* Toxification
* Paralyzation
* Misperception

Nine of Swords
* Agony
* Denial
* Confusion
* Avoidance
* Inflexibility
* Suppression
* Misdirection
* Self-delusion
* Consumption
* Contradiction
* Disillusionment
* Misunderstanding

This is interesting.
It looks like the struggles and conflicts that we will encounter will cause a suspension, fear and confusion... we'll see what happens.

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