Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Society of Cape Cod Craftsmen

Today my mom and I went to Brewster Cape Cod which is about 15 minutes from Eastham and we went to the annual crafts fair conducted by the Society of Cape Cod Craftsmen. Its' been a dream of mine to find a craft I really enjoy doing and sell it at events like this, I already have a concept in mind...

Anyway, this crafts fair was unique, and well done. All the crafts people had to be juried in order to become a member of the Society. They had a lot of great crafts people (although my mom and I thought there was too much pottery and handmade Cookware and Bakeware. But I guess that's just not my taste. I love pottery, but I just think it looks all the same...)

We fell in love with two artisans who did really unique things. First a beader who had really unique designs. I can't really describe it but I guess you could call it sculptural. She made unique flower designs out of seed beads and not just your typical strung beads on tigertail. She actually used fishing line, something a bit different and they way the beads reacted when strung onto fishing line was really unique!

The second artist that we fell in love, did crocheting, shell collecting, paper making, and embroidery. She combined everything using shells into works of art that resulted in really intricate picturesque collages.

My mom loves the same thing she did and she had done a little embroidery and shell collecting herself. But unfortunately a lot of the pieces that would fit in our color scheme in our house the prices were a little out of our budget.

The entire show was a little out of our budget, but it was fun talking to the artisans and having them tell their story.

The artist, who made the piece of sea glass I found at one of the near by beaches into a pendant, was there.

I really want to get into making cosmetics this winter. That industry has always been a passion of mine and working with colors will be fun. I also thought about making my own pigments from natural materials from the Northeast to make it specific.

Like for example purple might be able to be taken from a purple hydrangea or a purple quohog clam. That would be fun. The concept of taking natural materials and make them into pigments is a medieval concept that the fresco painters did often, and thus the company would be, "Fresco Cosmetics". Most make up artists see the face as a canvas and I think this would be cool to get into. Yes yes yes

Oh our neighbor behind us has also given us fresh clams, potatoes and garlic. So we're in the middle of cooking up some fresh cape cod cowder.

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