Tuesday, August 23, 2011

East Coast Earthquake: Mineral, Virgina

Above image is a google earth earthquake radar.

Ever since May, 25, 2011 when I wrote about the New Madrid Line being affected which could possibly produce aftershocks all the way to the east coast if affected badly, I've been half expecting an earthquake on the east coast. While this earthquake wasn't on the New Madrid line, a HAARP ring WAS detected there. The earthquake happened on an old unseductive cratonic ( craton is the stable portion of a continent) plate. AND we thought earthquakes only happened on tectonic plates...

"The key to geophysical warfare is the identification of environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy." - Professor Gordon J.F. MacDonald.

Notice in the image above, the Low points showcase severe thunderstorms and bad weather and the high points have relatively nice weather. On the east coast especially, where the earthquake happened. There is absolutely no evidence of rain.

The weather instability was in the North-midwest where we see in the HAARP ring video. We see it over Bismarck, Rapid City, Sioux Falls, etc. All HAARP needs to do it put a small amount of energy into the instability and then in effect it creates a large amount of energy which in effect would cause the earthquake out in Colorado and that is why we also see the HAARP there.

Global Air Circulation and Air Pressure At the Surface

equatorial areas receive more insolation than higher latitudes
excess heat transported toward poles
air rises (adiabatically) at the equator (leaving a low pressure system at the surface); adiabatically rising air cools; can hold less moisture, water vapor condenses and eventually rains down -> rain forest
air sinks (adiabatically) near the poles (creating a high pressure system at the surface); adiabatically sinking air warms; can hold more moisture -> extremely dry climate (Antarctica is driest place on Earth)
Earth's spin deflects moving air (see Lecture 15). This leads to additional low- and high-pressure belts at the surface:
high pressure at 30o latitude: air sinks and heats adiabatically; captures moisture, therefore it rains more rarely -> deserts
low pressure near 60o adiabatically rising air cools; can hold less moisture, water vapor condenses and eventually rains down

Source: http://quakeinfo.ucsd.edu/~gabi/sio15/Lecture15.html

Numerical values according to the date of today:


8 - Qabbalistic number for total control
23 - 2012 = 20+1+2= 23. 2+3 =5

5... lots of meanings for 5; first of all 5 is the pentagram.

Note: Note trying to prove anything, just writing down some notes of what I've seen and heard.

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