Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reverse Speech

Again why Subliminals are important to study:

Subliminals are constructed through such techniques as simple shapes, sounds and colours, and then more complex, multi-layered methods, such as reverse imagery, reverse symbolism, distorted symbolism, reverse speech patterns, neuro-linguistic programming techniques, and the elaborate use of the language and number systems, among other devious modes of manipulation. It is the language of the visual/light information of this world, the language of light and time...

After stumbling across Bryan Kemila's Its All in Your Head - The Light Bringers website regarding Qabbalah and how to translate it according to world wide events, I've seen reverse speech videos in a new light.

Famous people (including Presidents) are often known to have their speeches written by someone else. Therefore they are often being told what to say specifically and what not to say. You cannot be a United States president unless you are a Freemason or a Mason. Obama was initiated as a freemason just months before his inauguration making him eligible under freemasonic law... the Qabbalah is an ancient system used in the times of the Babylons (or Hebrews). Qabbalah is a set of esoteric teachings meant to explain the relationship between an eternal and mysterious Creator and the mortal and finite universe (His creation).

As you will see in the above video, feel good words in standard english such as "Yes we can" reversed is "Thank You Satan". This is the nature of reverse speech patterns and neuro-linguistic programming techniques. The reversed speech similarities, although different, are close enough to send a message to our powerful subconscious reasoning, convincing us to register a certain thought, even though we’re unaware, in a total sense, of what that thought is. Therefore by saying "Yes we can" it will make our subconscious pick up and understand the subliminal message which in this case is "Thank you Satan".

As demonstrated in the above symbol, the Star of David is a symbol of mirroring. According to scientists, the current model of the physical universe is a holographic universe. The easiest way to create a 3d dimensional object is with mirrors.

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