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Hidden Associations

Throughout my research, I have stumbled across many ancient systems of mathematics, unfortunately my mind isn't all too compatible with any type of mathematics. I used to be really good at mathematics, or at least algebra, and then basic geometry but since starting Art school I kind of lost my focus and forgot a lot of that side of my brain. I was watching (am still in the middle of watching) an 8 hour film documentary on the magical side of Egypt. There was an Egyptologist who focused on ancient egyptian mathematics. They discovered that it was extremely close to how computer act (binary, 101101). But instead of being binary, it was usually a column of numbers and to get to the sum you would circle the numbers that would make up the sum you were looking for (this is a very crude explanation).

Another system of mathematics is more esoteric in nature. It is Gematria, or as some like to call it Gematrix. It is of Hebrew (babylonian) tradition, and actually apart of the Qabbalistic teachings. It basically assigns an alphabetic letter to a number and produces a numeric value. I got curious and calculated the name my "spirit guide" (I really don't know what to call him) gave me in meditation and then his name. Some claim the origins of our language is in DNA.


G = 7
I = 9
U = 200
W = 900
A = 1
H = 8

This equals 1125. As written in my Orion Presence article 1125 has significance:

My birthday 125 is associated with Marko Rodin's vortex math... and the Baha'i faith:

9 = 1251 = ABHA

9 = 2151 = BAHA

“…the unapproachable great name of god 2 1 5 1″

Another nice thing about the calculator I'm using is that you can find other words with the same numeric value, here is a list of words in Jewish Gematria of Giuwah:

Crazy thing is I searched google today for "Earthquakes Today" to see what Earthquakes might have happened on Rapture day.
A lot of things I noticed were related to spirituality or Christianity which I thought was interesting.

What these words mean, I don't know. Possibly things that resonate with me or in my subconscious mind (most likely).

I thought the Bin Laden reference was intriguing as well.

What It Be
Tatanka Yotanka Thaca Chante - (Tatanka Yotanka [sitting bull] is a Native American name. Nothing really brought up Thaca Chante)
Earthquakes Today
Randy Moss Titans
Sleep Well
Being A Just Man
Love Is Eternal
Consumers Energy
Finish Your Book Mark
Death Wish 3
Therefore See Thou Mine Affliction
And When He Had Cried
World Bank I F C
Angela Mcglowan
Gene, Angel Of The Holy Spirit
Eternity Perfume
Dark Ziqqurat
Tenth Day Of Christmas
Need Sleep But Cant Sleep At Night
Jose Pepe Moron
Poser Seven
Sophia Of The Trinity
I Want Coffee
Sacred Activism
His The Magnificence Of The Holy Bride
Marilyn Monroe Repent
Any Relation Name Bin Laden, A Condemned
John Bollandus
A Voodoo Religion
In The Left Side Of Hecate Is A Fountain
Draw Kneer
A Love As Orgasm

Then I put my "spirit guides" name in, Dijughsa.


D = 4
I = 9
J = 600
U = 200
G = 7
H = 8
S = 90
A = 1

The total of Di's Gematrix is 919.

Here are the words associated with Di:

Bawa Beh - Apparently a 18th century church in Byblon (Babylon) Means Lady of the Gate.
Abwa Beh - The only mention of Abwa is in The Encyclopaedia Britannica: a dictionary of arts, sciences by Hugh Chisholm:

In the 3rd century of Islam a document was shown in which a man of San'a in Yemen acknowledged that he had borrowed from 'Abd al-Mottalib 1000 silver dirhems of the Hudaida standard, and Allah with the two "angels" (probably a euphemism for the goddesses Al-lat document should have been forged. The name Hashim (for 'Abd al-mottalib's father) may or may not be historical; here as in the ascending line throughout, we have subjects without predicates. The name of 'Abda al-Mottalib's son, who was Mahomet's father, is given as 'Abdallah; the correctness of this has been questioned, because "Servent of Allah" would seem to be too appropriate, and the name was often given by the Prophet to converts as a substitute for some pagan appellation. This, however, is hypercritical, as the name of the father could not easily be altered, when relatives abounded, and it would seem that at one time the Prophet made no theological use of the name Allah, for which he intended to substitute Rabman. The name of his mother is given as Aminah, and with this one of his own titles, Amia, agrees; although the Arabs do not appear to bring the two into connexion. Her father's name is given as Wahb, and she is brought into relation with a Medinese tribe called the Banu 'Adi b. al-Najjar, to whom she is said to have brought her son in his early infancy. The circumstances may have been suggested by his later connexion with that place; yet is what seems a historical narrative her grave is mentioned as known to be at Abwa, midway between the two cities, whence this early bond between the Prophet and his future home may have really existed. Source

Last But Not Least
Rodolfo Torre Cantu
Joel Stein
I Love France
Tommy Croslin Did
Quanah Parkers Mother
Michael Douglas Throat Cancer
Dolphins Are Shapeshifters
Commander In Cheif Zombie
I Dreamed Of Him For The First Time
Harry Morton
The End Of Days Seals
Tribe Of Ishmael, Tribe Of The Sin
Oil Of Olive
By The Gate Of Bathrabbim
Battle Of Ypres
Omen Movie
The Bee Movie
Sally Ann Mesenheimer
Aleisha Jones
The Start Ten Ten Ten
Zenial Passages
Clinical Pastoral Education
Moldavite - (Czech: VltavĂ­n) is an olive-green or dull greenish vitreous substance possibly formed by a meteorite impact.
Utter The Name Of Sin,Allah
Verkh Salda
Utah No Mark, Murder
Congressman: Fudge, Marcia L , Ohio
Pontiac Northern High School
Congressman: Tiberi, Pat, Ohio
Birth Age Of Aquarius
Magus Means Magic User
Stanley Cup

Interesting stuff.

AND ANCIENT GEMATRIAN NUMBERS - Hard Evidence of a Grand Design to Creation:

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