Saturday, May 21, 2011

This Rapture stuff pisses me off

‎"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." - Matthew 7:15

Warning religion rant; read at your own risk.

This rapture stuff pisses me off.
I'm not going to hate on a certain religious group because of their beliefs but rather what Harold Camping has based off his so-called prediction.

The world most likely WON'T end today at 6 pm as the world has been saying.

First Harold Camping has based his ideas off a text that was created a long time ago under the Hebrews supposedly in the oldest habited city on earth; Byblos, which creates a mnemonic in my mind for *Babylon. Therefore all time related passages are based on the hebrew calendar and since we're in modern times, its the Hebrew calendar written in gregorian count without his changes. Pope Gregory purposely created the calendar we're on today (365 days, 57 weeks, 12 months, etc) to confuse us, to make us literally live on our own timeline (and I seriously do mean TIMELINE, ERA, whatever). He's added 5 days to the original calendar which would then make it 360 is the original number of days. Makes sense mathematically since 360 is the number of degrees within a circle, therefore each day is a degree in the mathematics of the universe and each hour is an angle, etc.

*The Babylonian magicians were the Hebrew Nation - who delivered religion - science and magic. They created the numbering system designed to change times and seasons.

According to the Hebrew calendar in gregorian count creation day is 4,013 BC. In gregorian count this is 4,001 BC. Which means we're 12 years off the Natural calendar (I read somewhere that the Hebrew calendar is the calendar of natural time, too bad I can't remember where that was from). According to the Hebrew calender in gregorian count we're actually supposed to be in 1999 AD. I don't know if you noticed but if you remember Y2k, Y2k and 2012 align with each other in Hebrew calendar written in gregorian count. (2011 = 1999 AD ; 2012 = 2000 AD)

Harold Camping has made many false prophecies in the past.

It pisses me off when people ignorantly claim things from a certain text that has proven to be edited and changed over the years, without taking into consideration of all other texts that are out there...

These kinds of people have made me realize why ancient texts are feared by the governments... but also prove that they're more accurate than something like the Bible. Sure there may be some truth to the Bible as I've said before, but that's what the person has to figure out, and unfortunately most people these days are not trained to detect 'ultimate truth' from 'ultimate falseness'.

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