Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hyperspace & The Spiritual World

As I was rereading the article I posted about Near Death Experiences and how it explained that we are actually traveling through a wormhole into hyperspace when we die, got me thinking. What if in order to travel throughout space at faster than light-speed we would temporarily "die" (i.e leave the physical world) and jump into hyperspace and find the destination and jump back into reality?

What if death is just a mere myth and it actually doesn't exist in the true reality?

What if death is more of a transition than a loss?

If this is the case it would make incredible sense that the ancient Egyptians and Tibetans worshipped death.

But because of the Net/Quarantine put surrounding the Earth, moon and Mars, humans are unable to travel into hyperspace? Therefore unable to travel through space normally?

Hmm something to ponder.

It would also make sense that some ancient Egyptian artwork depicted the use of Wormholes.

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