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Near Death Experience - the extraterrestrial connection

Near Death Experience - the extraterrestrial connection
India Daily Technology Team
Jan. 29, 2011

What happens when we die? If we just focus on the scientific aspects of cardiac arrests or deaths, what do we discover? Scientists have focused for decades to find the answers to these questions. What they are uncovering now is astonishing.

The modern recitation science is in its fiftieth anniversary now. It is the science of reviving the body from the death. It is basically restarting the heart from a cardiac arrest. Now a days, ten to fifteen percent of cardiac arrests are successfully brought back to life. This has given biomedical scientists opportunities to explore the near death experiences (NDE).

Scientists universally find that some (approximately 20%) individuals remember the near death experiences. Why does the rest 80% people who are revived do not remember the near death experience?

All those who remember the near death experience more or less describe similar experiences. In terms of strict biomedical science, nowadays it is really a proven fact the mind or consciousness really continues at least one hour beyond the cardiac arrest or objective death when the brain is cut off from blood supply.

Those who experience near death experiences describe a white light. They see their relatives, in specific their parents or some other close relatives. They see tunnels and a quick reflection of their life and impact of their actions in their life. Above all, the experiences are pleasant and people who come back from near death experiences are not afraid to die and become less materialistic in their life.

Scientist these days are explaining all these phenomena in terms of physics and biomedical sciences. Interestingly the contemporary plasma physics describe the white light in the near death experience as an electromagnetic flux pointer in a higher dimension of the hyperspace. Simply put, it is the projection of our own zero point energy that continues to live even when we are in the earth making our short journey of life. The crossover that these folks talk about from life to death is the movement through a black hole into the hyperspace. The tunnel is the tunnel of singularity guiding into the hyperspace that brings the continuity into the hyperspace civilization that we belong to.

Dr. Sam Parnia of the Weill Cornell Medical Center, a prominent near death experience researcher found an astonishing thing. A three year old had a cardiac arrest and experienced near death experience. He was brought back to life, thanks to the recent miracles of biomedical science. After that he started drawing picture of a white light with a chord that connects to himself. This is significant. That really shows that we are actually connected to that white light (our own real self) all the time. At death we just merge into that flux of energy. The relatives that come to greet us in near death experiences are the guides from the parallel universe in the hyperspace where we really belong. Our family, people who we know all are real in the hyperspace and continues to exist eternally.

The zero point energy centers around the consciousness that continues into the hyperspace beyond the nearest black hole tunnel of singularity. The quantum vacuum in the hyperspace provides the pleasant experience in near death experience by enabling the quantum level of the zero point energy to leap into a higher level.

Physicists are intrigued by the recent mathematical interpretation of black hole singularity. It is a quantum level projection of the energy transformation from one level to another level. The transformation requires a complete transformation of spatial dimension from our universe's 3D to higher dimensions of the hyperspace. This requires systematic unbundling of energy quanta in a retrograde flow of time and space. That explains the play back of the whole life in near death experience.

As mentioned before, scientists universally find that only 20% individuals remember the near death experiences. Why does the rest 80% people who are revived do not remember the near death experience?

Biomedical researchers believe that is because some of us have brains that are wired in such a way that we can remember the near death experience better when all blood supply to the brain in cut off. According to researchers, those who remember the near death experiences actually communicate with themselves in the hyperspace better. The fact is that as we live in this earth, our shadow projection (our real selves)continues its journey in the hyperspace based extraterrestrial civilization. That is why some of us remember dreams better than others. The communication with our shadow projection in the higher dimension also explains the phenomenon of will power, dream, intuition,out of body experiences, healing power, and so on.

Paranormal is really normal if you decide to look beyond the apparent obstacles and limitations of our evolving science.

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