Friday, April 1, 2011

Ancient Egyptian Wormholes.

We are aware that the ancient Egyptians were highly advanced, but were they advanced enough to have wormhole technology? Have we been looking at their art and misunderstood their entire "religious" beliefs and otherworldly origins? In Mali, Africa there is a supposedly primitive tribe called the Dogon tribe, but researchers have been able to decipher the Dogon glyphs and myths to find that their cosmological system conveys scientific meaning through a complex system of mythological themes, symbols, storylines, and words. It appears that many other cultures used similar mythological themes, symbols, storylines, and words. Perhaps the ancient Egyptian culture was no different. In their legends, the ancient egyptians speak of traveling in boats.

One legend states that each day, Ra was born and began a journey across the sky. Ra was believed to travel in the Manjet-boat. or the 'Barque of Millions of Years'. He was joined on this daily journey by a crew of many gods . The Manjet-boat would sail through the twelve provinces, representing the twelve hours of daylight. At the end of each day Ra was thought to die and embarked on his night voyage. For this journey he was called Auf, which means 'corpse'. Ra sailed in a boat called the Mesektet-boat or night-barque on his journey through the twelve hours of darkness.

These boats were also called "Boats of Eternity".

Comparison of a Boat of Eternity to a particle traveling through a wormhole.

Contemporary wormhole schematic.

Egyptian cartoon depicting a 'star gate'. The snakes often represent energy or vibration.

Boat or wormhole being held up by Nun, the Lord of Watery/Energy Chaos below.

Stargate in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

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