Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Situations, I'm tired of 'em

The theme for this whole semester is "SITUATIONS".
I am tired of 'em. But my cards reveal that there will be another one next month that I should be paying attention to.

I drew the four of coins, ace of coins and four of cups. Relatively good cards, a new business project that should show itself and a union (expressed in the four of cups). The four of coins expresses a situation in which either myself or someone else will turn their back on it. Not good necessarily. There's not enough information available to decipher anything as of yet...

January was the situation with our resident whore... in which the members of our suite decided to take action, and then she eventually blamed the whole situation on myself and Amy (the people who lived next to her).

February was the situation with the honors posters, and Ren. One of the honors students gave me a hissy fit about them having to pick up their own posters and THEN complained that I showed Anne our conversation we had on the honors students' wall on Facebook (this was public btw). Seriously. -sigh-

March was the situation where my would-be-little decided to not join Gamma Sigma Sigma the last minute. After I had spent hours making her shirt and her plaque she just decided to not join and then one of my other littles was oh-so-worried about what I was going to do with the stuff I made my would-be-little. That situation was totally a wheel of fortune upside down in which I interpreted as, "life seems to be great (life being the wheel) and then the axle breaks down (the querant)." That night was very hard to be at because a lot of the activities we did had to do with our littles and mine was suddenly not there...

Then we have April, and the would be situation, we'll see what it brings. There's not enough in the air right now to really tell what its' pointing to.

Perhaps its pointing to the new business project or the union, or both. We'll see.

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