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Traveling Faster than the Speed of Light = Phi

One of the things that I have witnessed as a researcher in my erm, "field" .. is the serious misunderstanding of the paradigm of science. The scientific method is so friggen dogmatic its not even funny. One of the reasons for this dogma is that as a society we're not spiritually involved enough to really comprehend the galaxy and the nature of the physical universe. For 2,000 years we've been fighting over at whose God is "better"... ,etc.

One of the misunderstandings that I have observed is what happens to matter as it reaches the center of a galaxy. We're told that at the center of the galaxy matter is crushed. But then how come, when observing an astrophotograph of a galaxy, the center is a shining white ball of light?!

Keep in mind that when the Hubble Telescope photographs an object in space it is using a really high frequency technology to capture the high frequency light of the object. Therefore, it seems that the scientific method is going strictly by the definition of "observing". If they can't observe it with the naked eye or dissect it, then it simply does not exist, or that it isn't science and thus transitions into the more metaphysical thought-process.

Did our ancestors know about traveling faster than the speed of light?

The Canadian website, Spira Solaris, goes into depth on the phyllotaxis nature of the solar system to the phyllotaxis movement of the arrangement of leaves.

It is well known that the arrangement of the leaves in plantsmay be expressed by very simple series of fractions, all of which are gradual approximations to, or the natural means between 1/2 or 1/3, which two fractions are themselves the maximum and the minimum divergence between two single successive leaves. The normal series of fractions which expresses the various combinations most frequently observed among the leaves of plants is as follows: 1/2, 1/3, 2/5, 3/8, 5/13, 8/21, 13/34, 21/55, etc. Now upon comparing this arrangement of the leaves in plants with the revolutions of the members of our solar system, Peirce has discovered the most perfect identity between the fundamental laws which regulate both. 1

(Louis Agassiz, ESSAY ON CLASSIFICATION, Ed. E. Lurie, Belknap Press, Cambridge, 1962:127; emphases supplied)

One will say that the above is an illustration of a rather Pythagorean idea however despite being known as a philosopher in the 6th century BC. He was often known as a mathematician, mystic and scientist. He even went to Egypt in search of knowledge, probably ending up at a mystery school in which he learned the mystical ways.

On Spira Solaris, there is an appendix titled, THE MATTER OF LOST LIGHT and goes into detail how PHI could be the source of the spiral form in nature. I then wondered what light was in ancient Greek and then using a translator translated light. The first letter of light in ancient Greek is PHI. The ancient Egyptians even called Matter "Frozen Music".

Gamma Ray burst at the center, more evidence of matter turning into light.

If PHI (1.61803399) really is the secret mathematical expression to convert matter into light energy (again), we would then be able to keep the energy consistent.

Mmm. Let's pull up a scenario.

Okay, so Einstein's equation was, E=MC2.

According to Sixty Symbols, they do not know what C2 is. Generally they would say that C is constant; consistency. Spiral form is the best for consistency.

Let's plug in 1.61803399 into E=MC2.

E = M • (1.61803399)2

When matter is squared by PHI, matter dematerializes and becomes light again.

Let's take the atomic mass of carbon and put it into our revised version of Einstein's equation.

E = 12.011 • (1.61803399)2

E = 12.011 • 2.61803399

E (light) = 31.44520625398 m/s ( miles per second)

Then the 31.44520... m/s is the amount of energy carbon would deliver. If only there was a way to truly test this.

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