Thursday, March 31, 2011

Geocentric Galaxy

Pyramid on Mars

Mainstream archeologists say that the Egyptian pyramids were tombs. But contrary to that belief the Order of the Rosae Croix, a mystery school that was created by the Pharaohs of Egypt state that the Pyramids were created by Thought, or the Egyptian God Thoth. Thought is the Egyptian god THOTH, the creator of almost every activity known to man. Thought is spelled T H O T H. This god is responsible for the alphabet, writing, speaking, the sciences, religion, … you name it, and Thoth is responsible for it. Thoth's priests claimed Thoth was the Demi-Urge who created everything from sound. According to the Freemasons the Pyramids were tools of creation. What if we propose that the pyramids were responsible for the galaxy?

Research has been done investigating that the Egyptian pyramids were some kind of power plant.... thus illustrated as above. Though what came to mind about the angle of the beam was the angle of a beam coming out of a black hole:

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