Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hooray for spring break! I can finally make a post.

hectic week..

Finishing up honors poster project, getting payment info together and stuff, was busy with that for most the week, making sure everything is O.K.

Saw Mirko Ilic on Wednesday. He was interesting, though I already saw the pepsi logo lecture over christmas break. Was gonna send it Anne actually, but totally slipped my mind.

The esoteric influence of the golden spiral, gravity, etc on the logo was interesting I thought, since it's kind related to what I see in design. As a 'mystic' I enjoy the mystical and esoteric side of things.

The thing he left out though was that Pepsi was trying to portray the Pepsi franchise, the Pepsi Universe, and therefore that's why they used the golden spiral, gravity, etc.

I was really happy to hear that people need to just sit and think creatively. Really, that's what I do, I sit and think. I research what comes to mind. I research my wonderings and I wonder a lot.

A lot.
How can you be an artist and not wonder.
Wondering how nature builds herself through chemistry, particle physics, quantum physics, electrodynamics physics, etc. hyper-dimensional physics...
Wondering how we can dissect this splendidly detailed hologram we swim in.
Wondering how we can penetrate this splendidly detailed hologram we swim in.

Bruce Nauman, a 3d artist of Neon signs stated, "The True Artist Helps the World by Revealing Mystic Truths."

I agree.

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