Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sigils and the Shining Ones

Lately I've been inspired by sigils and I think I was inspired by them once upon at time because in some of them my logo can really blend in. I like the idea of creating a glyph with intent and to be applied practically.

I also came up with my photography final. I was searching for inspiration for my final and decided that I wanna try light painting. You basically let the shutter stay open 5-10 minutes while the other person draws with a laser. My inspiration for this is the Shining Ones;

"Shining Ones" is the Imperial term for the ancient, psionically powerful race which preceded most of Imperial civilization. We know about them solely through the artifacts and structures which they have left behind, most of which have been buried or destroyed by natural ecological processes in the five hundred thousand years estimated to have passed since the time of their civilization's fall.
As there have been no living or dead Shining Ones – even skeletal remains – yet discovered, our understanding of the appearance of these beings is based purely on speculation gleaned from their architecture. It appears that the Shining Ones were bilaterally symmetrical bipedal beings, ranging from four to seven feet in height. They wore clothing of many kinds, suited to fit a being with two manipulatory appendages and two legs. It is likely they had a head perched on their torso above their manipulatory appendages, as well; research indicates that this was the place where their visual sensory organs were located judging from the height of visually interesting items in their remaining buildings.
Oddly, no depictions of the Shining Ones themselves remain amongst their artifacts and structures, although many visual representations of technology, architecture, animals, and other things have been found amongst the ruins of their civilization.

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