Saturday, March 10, 2012


Apparently there's a fad/hobby out there where people convert old school buses into RV homes. They call them "Skoolies". I've talked about converting an american trolley into a vardo like wagon in the past. And that's one of the main projects I'm going to work on once I graduate and finally get a job. I've been looking for a quiet place to place a studio but they are all too expensive for my use, especially if I don't use them all the time. If I converted something into a useable mobile studio I wouldn't have to bother with leases and I'll be able to take it anywhere in the world with me.

A typical artist's studio isn't suited for my needs either. Typically there's no internet and sometimes no electricity both crucial for my field.

I've seen trolley's being priced from anywhere between $20k-$30k that's much more affordable than say a $150k+ studio that I may only use 1/3 of the year. Plus the customization. I can customize accordingly to what I NEED rather than make do with what is given to me. This is my work place, and if you can't tell what kind of personality I have already, what I do is a big part of my life because I enjoy it. I don't consider it work.

I also plan on using recycled materials, which will cut the cost down. I've done woodworking before so I'm pretty comfortable sprucing up some used wood (IE wood from palettes).

We'll see what happens, but I really do want to start this project within 5 years after graduation.


  1. I'd been looking for this site for a while:

    There are quite a few mobile houses, and a few rv buses/buses for conversion on there, just gives you an idea of what's out there, if nothing else. People can also post if they're willing to host you on their property, so you can travel around and have a place to post up cheaply.

    1. ahahah! I love that site! I follow them on facebook!
      The skoolie fad actually inspired me to think about the trolley conversion more.