Sunday, August 28, 2011

Living A Simple Life

So, I realized I am someone who plans ahead in their head a lot. Sometimes its beneficial to me, sometimes -mostly- its not. A majority of this 'planning' is dreaming.

However, I hope to live a simple life. I know how complicated life can get. But for me, I see that it does not take much to live a simple, elegant life.

I am also frustrated because I can't do much now. Since I'm about to graduate college (in four months) I've been at my parents house, and they'll question my every move. I know that they are trying to show that they care and are interested in me... but questioning my every move does not coincide with my personality. I like to plan in secret and not really share a lot of my ideas. If I think the idea would be beneficial to someone I'll share it.

So proposing this Vardo living situation is going to be interesting. I have to explain, and give my reasons as to why I want to live this way.

I may even just save up secretly and purchase the trolley secretly until I'm ready to do some serious work on it.
We'll see. I just don't like having my motives questioned. Because I feel like I'm not on my own when my motives are questioned. I feel like I have to report to a manager whenever I want to do something with my life, and that's NOT how I want to live...


  1. I know how this goes. I finished my associates last fall, and skewed from the degree completely and chased my goal--or dream. I prefer to call it a goal--of becoming a farmer. After a couple excursions, I'm headed to a place where, if I'm liked, I'll be employed as long as the farm stays afloat. I'm looked at strange, but I certainly don't care. My parents aren't too fond of the idea either. It's a little harder if you aren't following the tried formula, but you can do it.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I know they'll reject the idea. However, I'll just argue that its my life and technically since I'm an adult they don't have much control over it anymore after a graduate. But I'm just worried that as a Graphic Designer I may find it hard to live the way I want to and do the projects that I have in my mind.

    I just don't want to exist (work, sleep, eat, some social life, etc). I actually want to make something of my career and if I want to do that then I will have to make some sacrifices.