Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dream about 2012

So today during my nap I had a dream about 2012. It was more of a survival type dream than anything else. It felt very hollywood which is something in itself.

I had people I knew in this dream and will only use the first letter of their name.


I was transported to an area of the world that I felt was North Carolina however it was different. The air was cleaner and everything had a slightly bit more ethereal feel. The world looked a lot like it did presently. There were still trees, manicured lawns, houses made out of wood, etc. Post Modern.

I found myself to be standing on a small manicured hill outside a very futuristic looking building. The only description I could give is the Santorini houses in Santorini Greece, the white adobe and organic feel of the buildings. I managed to find myself inside the building and then I was lead to this room that was sealed shut. It actually had a toxic gas coming out of it and I coughed and covered my mouth and backed away.

Then a patron of the place came up to me and asked me if I would like to go in there. The patron said the gas was just for security reasons. The female patron told me that there was an electromagnetically charged vehicle in there in test mode. It was supposed to be able to go into the future and past. I perked up at that, but I had a hard time trusting this patron.

I told her this and the female patron understood. She released the air-tight door that sealed the machine and the door fell to the ground. As soon as she released the door the toxic gas stopped spitting out. The vehicle without warning came quickly toward me. I yelped and jumped out of the way and the patron stood there chuckling. The vehicle slowed to a stop and it was hovering! It looked more like a mobile pad than anything. There was no sealed covering and exposed like a convertible. There was a steal railing all around and only a small box of controls at what appeared to be the front. There was no sign of an exhaust pipe or anything that determined it ran on electromagnetism. The vehicle itself had a metal bottom but was as white as the building it was housed in.

The female patron asked me again if I wanted to test it out. I said yes slowly. She asked me where I would like to go. I noticed now that the female patron was wearing all black, had blond highlights and had a very classic look about her. She neither looked political or looked like a business woman.

I answered her that before I was transported here, there was much talk about the year 2012. She nodded and smiled. However she never said anything about which year it was currently. Then, it never occurred to me to ask her. I said to her I would like to see what will/what happened during that most anticipated year of human history.

The female agreed. She turned off the vehicle and the vehicle slowly descended to the ground. She instructed me to climb in. I did so and she told me to start the vehicle again. The vehicle slowly ascended and started to hover again. I felt a strange sensation through out my body. The female explained that it was the strong electromagnetic pulsing and since I came before the year 2012, my bodies' genetics weren't used to electromagnetism. The female set the time piece to the year 2012 and hit enter.

Suddenly I found myself in a very different world. It was still earth, but it wasn't the clean, pristine world I had came from. I hovered around a bit and I noticed the number of debris that littered the ground. Scorched trees and broken machines could be seen. It looked like I had found myself in the middle of a war. However, everything was destroyed. I saw no people, only flattened houses and scorched trees. There was nothing for miles wide.

I flew around some more and after some time I found a small forest. I headed over and found some survivors. I also saw a ufo that had mounted and huge robots kind of like you would see in the movie Transformers. I lowered the vehicle to the ground and entered the forest. The war was still going on and I could hear laser beams.

I followed the laser beams and saw a group of grey aliens huddled together. Suddenly I heard my name and I turned around. There I saw Jay, one of my friends (In real life). I stopped the vehicle and descended to the ground.

"Kristi?" Jay said.
"Jay?!" I said.
"it's me! I.. what's going on?" I said and ran to him. I embraced him.
"You have no idea how glad I am to see you, everything gone terribly wrong. They made some bad moves and..."
"And what?" I asked.
"We're it," he said.
"The last?"
"yes, they made some bad moves, and the greys completely took over without warning. Some huge object came and wiped out a lot. Sarah Michelle Gellar is still alive and the president - not obama. Some white guy."
"Oh jay, I'm so sorry." I embraced him harder and cried.

"But listen," he said. "You can save us with that machine. I know its from the future."
"We must go back to your time before you were transported and convince the President to not make those bad moves."
"Okay, but first we must gather the survivors and convince the greys too."
Jay nodded. By this time, I noticed I was dressed differently. I had an army green tank top on with cargo pants. My hair was curlier than usual and I carried a gun. Jay and I climbed into the vehicle and ascended once again to look for Sarah and the rest. We eventually found them and the greys again. By this time the vehicle was crowded with the survivors.

(the conversations in this next part is only a fraction of the real conversation, I couldn't remember the real conversation that much)

I swerved around around and faced the group of greys. They, simultaneously, looked up at me. I held up my hands in peace. I began to shout. Suddenly I heard one of them saying, "No need to shout. Just think."

I began to think what I wanted to say. I thought, Visitors from the grand cosmos, please hear me. I come from the past. I was transported ahead into the far future. I was disappointed that the world looked exactly like this current one, but only cleaner and more ethereal. Definitely not what I perceived the future to be. We were still in our old ways just improved. I know your race and its' agenda, I know why you are here. I beg you to surrender.

After a few minutes of circling them, I heard one of them think, Alright. We'll surrender. When you said the far future is like this present one, that means our race hasn't changed, and that we're still the slaves of the Reptillians. This war, would otherwise be pointless. Go back to your time, and convince your governments what has happened and hopefully that will change. Be wary that your governments will be pre-metamorphosis. I would highly recommend waiting until post-metamorphosis.

By then, it seemed like magic, that the vehicle automatically transported itself back to the far future, with the survivors and before when my pre-metamorphosis self found the vehicle. I jumped out and the others followed. The female patron was no where to be found.

I turned to Jay and said, "Did we do it?"

"I.. I have no idea" Jay said.
I looked around at the others and they seemed to have no idea either.

We all climbed into the vehicle again. I entered in 2011 and found myself and the vehicle at my beach house where I am now. I began to fly the vehicle towards washington dc.

The scene cut to the vehicle being in front of tall french windows of the white house. I was looking in the room and saw President Obama and Michelle Obama talking with a few people. I knocked on the windows. They all turned and stared at me. I broke the window by turning the vehicle on its side and crashing into the glass.

The security of the white house came into the room and before they could begin shooting, the generals in the vehicle turned and shot them.

I steadied the vehicle and told the President my message.

Needless to say they were all stunned, and took it seriously.
Once the meeting was over. The vehicle mysteriously transported back to 2012. I was sitting next to Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jay was driving the vehicle. As he moved to the forest were we began, I saw giants. I had remembered that I read that Humans were the race of tiny people and the giants that existed once on earth were a mixture of pledians and sirians. They stood tall above the forest dominating everything on the ground. The robotic transformers appeared miniature to these giants. Jay moved the vehicle up to the giants.

"I'm so happy to see you," I said to one of them.
"And we're happy to see you, you saved us from the worst possible outcome," a male giant said. "we were able to keep the greys away when comet elenin came. "
"Fantastic, I said. Does that mean, humans are free?"
"What's left of them," he said. "Which appears to be you lot."

I nodded grimly. I said, "let me do something first."

I transported everyone to the far future. We found ourselves in the same exact building the dream began in. Except everything was slightly different. The female patron was no where to be found, but there were scientists in the room as it had turned into a lab instead of a parlor.

They all dropped what they were doing and stared at us.
I flew through the window breaking the glass before they could do anything. As soon as I saw the outside, I knew it was different than before. I was high up in the atmosphere instead of looking down on a manicured lawn. And everything was full of light, light was every where. I could see it all, it was blinding at first.

The other survivors cheered. We swerved the vehicle to the closest platform and climbed out. I turned to Jay and hugged him hard. I whispered to him and he kissed me.

We all agreed to do something to celebrate and found the local bar. In this world, you could buy alcoholic drinks in beer bottle like containers. I picked a Strawberry Daiquiri and Sarah and I had fun chugging them down. In this world, no one had to know what we did, in this world, there were no secrets, there were no corrupt governments. In this world we were as free as we could be.

----end dreamscape----

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