Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weight Complain

Since college I've stopped focusing my energy and thoughts on my body and weight. I went to a preppy high school where all the girls were barbie thin. I wasn't that overweight, but it made me feel obese. It made me care WAY too much about my weight. I starved myself a little bit (not having lunch etc) because it made me think I was thinner. But I realized it made me eat even more. I just kind of gave up trying to be thin because I felt if I was thin, I may fit in more. But I gave up. I haven't bothered to exercise much in college because I did/do not have the energy. I just watched what I ate. Sure I gained some pounds but who hasn't gained weight in college? I blame the state of the food, really.

My current weight doesn't even reflect how I currently look.

Since I'm almost done with college (hopefully) I began to focus more on my weight. I joined Work Out World (yes I read the reviews, but they had a non-commitment deal and I only needed it for four months).

Although I've been dying to get into fashion as a visual expression and the only way I would make that route easier on myself is if I lost a lot of weight. I'm currently around 44" - 47" all around and ideally I'd like to cut that in half. Yes, that is the long term goal, and it will be a long road. But I think I have enough determination now to get there. We'll see if I make any progress this summer.

My current routine is:

Fat Burn on Bike for 15 min ends up usually burning 70-90 calories depending on how intense I work out
Upper Arm strength training at 50 llbs (10 reps together, then 10 reps each side)
40 Crunches
Lower body strength training at 50-100 llbs (depending on the machine) (10 reps together, then 10 reps each side)
30-40 crunches to finish up

Currently surfing pinterest for exercise inspiration... totally gonna try and switch to almond flour breads and maybe almond milk.

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