Thursday, June 2, 2011


Dang that's inspiration.


20 min on bicycle = 100 calories
50 llbs for upper strength training 10 reps together, 10 reps each arm
40 crunches
50 llbs for lower strength training 10 rep together, 10 reps each arm
40 crunches

OMG I am never having another munchkin. I just looked up glazed munchkin because I wasn't sure on the calorie in take. 200 per munchkin! I had four =( cause I didn't have lunch. 800 cal easy. That's worse than the coffee roll I ate yesterday, 400 cal. How can *that* be? Smallest calorie food item is apple pie and a bagel. I guess I should have a bagel. Or try that almond flour bagel recipe this weekend. -nod-

I guess I should be okay, though cause I just guesstimated my total calorie in take to be around 1180 today. That's not including dinner. So its fine. But OMG 200 calories in a food item that's the size of a ping pong ball? Dang Dunkin Donuts. I need to find something else to sooth my sweet tooth. Caramel latte is just barely cutting it.

I weighed myself today and It looked like I was a half pound down. hm.

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