Thursday, June 16, 2011

Family Beach Photo Tiles

These are the tiles I decoupaged for my father for father's day. We have just bought a cape house on Cape Cod. I started going there when I was six months old so Cape Cod has been a big part of my life even though we only go there for a week every summer. We've been going to the same house for every summer since I was six months old. But since my parents are looking to retire soon (after I graduate) they decided to buy a house in Eastham. It is close to the town we used to go to every summer and about 30 an hour away from Provincetown. I thought it would be a nice present to use some of the digital family photos we have kept in archive on the main computer and decoupaged them on to white tiles using scrapbook paper. My town's recycling center has a take it or leave it place for things you want to get rid of. You can find a lot of decent items there. I've gotten frames, and other craft supplies. I found a couple dozen plain white tiles and thought I could probably do something with them. I took them and here is what I used them for... The idea arose when my mom told me the kitchen counter top couldn't hold heat and needed a heat coaster, so I decoupaged six costers for whatever use.

Today I finished them. I used grey felt for the back and furniture feet for the coasters. I still need to put another coat of varnish on them and will do that soon.

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