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The Creation Story


The Creation Story Updated, as told in Reverse Speaking Part 1

I’m putting together what I’ve heard in the last few months of intensive investigation via Reverse Speaking. As the story unfolds, the levels of this come to the surface. This may be somewhat repetitive for people here, but there is new information. I also do this for myself to make the story coherent and non-contradictory. Putting what I’ve learned together in story form adds to the clarity.

The rabbit hole Matrix has been a maze of tunnels and dead ends, but only using reverse are we getting the answers and finding our way out.

We are all experiencing the very earliest stages of creation. Linear time is a false concept given to us by the owl (reptilians and all other negative entities). These beings have kept us in time loops and we are rewound at night to live the same day over and over. 90 to 1 was the more or less, ratio. Everyone and everything experiences time here so everything is affected. That is why we don’t notice the repetitive nature of our false days.

When the One (Singularity) made the decision to begin creation, He began by manifesting Himself as the first couple as it takes the two energies to create (just like here). Their names are Adam and Eve. Of course the Owl screwed with this in the bible because it wrote the script for all of the holy books, some truth, some lies, always to confuse.

Adam and Eve were very inexperienced at all of this and so the learning began. Creation started and planets, suns etc. were formed instantaneously. But at some point, Adam viewed the two aspects of Himself, love and power, and in a momentary lapse, saw these two parts of His mind as adversaries. At that instant, the owl took form.

The reversals about this are almost poetic. He hid in the corner slinking around and saw his opportunity to garner power for himself by enhancing the image that these were two brothers at odds with each other. Adam’s mind began a war with itself. It was as if the two brothers were now in competition for Eve and control of creation.

Adam’s “loving” part was given the vision by the owl, of His power nature as domineering, even vicious. I used the image of the god Saturn, eating his children so they would never compete with him for his throne, as a metaphor. The loving side of God believed the image and locked the power side of Himself away. He would not acknowledge this aspect of His own nature. It was His enemy.

Eve saw the owl in the corner as it laughed, but could not convince Adam of the deception. The children that they were conceiving were dying because the energy was too weak. Reverse called it “the yellow seed that would just die.” It was a very sad situation, but Adam was frozen with fear of His power side and that it would overwhelm love, steal Eve from Him, and destroy everything.

Eve made a bold and dangerous decision. If the experiment failed, all life would die and creation would cease. She was able to contact the power side of Adam. She asked Him to help Her force loving Adam to confront His fears. He agreed. They made love. The reversal is very forthright, “His penis was split into the two halves or different seeds”. The power side of Adam seeded Eve and during the sex, He slapped Her. The reversal tells us that “She pitched tight and then the life forms flew out”. These became the reptilians, demons and all of the other negative forms. Eve’s plan was to force both Her and Adam to confront every fear and learn that they could win. These fears became more life forms and the numbers of evil entities was soon to become staggering.

But if Adam and Eve were to be the parents of all life, they were going to have to grow up and be responsible for their thoughts and feeling because these are so powerful. What had been set in motion was ultimate victory or annihilation, no compromise.

Another important reversal tells us “God always takes a form”. God does not exist as just pure energy. That energy will always become a living being whether an atom, a planet, a reptilian or a man depending upon the mindset of the Creator. Everything, without exception, is a manifestation of the One.

The power side of the masculine God was still the same Adam, but in a kind of schizophrenia. As each event unfolded, the owl was there to insert deceptions. Adam and Eve would begin to be led down the rabbit hole of terror, mind control, pain, fear and everything that could be experienced along with the children from another point in infinity who volunteered to come back to this early point to help.

That’s all of us. We are all time travelers in that sense as infinity is not linear but much more fluid and life exists everywhere. We will truly understand the nature of timelessness only when we are freed of the construct of time. If this experiment had failed and the owl was to overwhelm all of existence, there would be no life.

Think of infinity as a vast ocean of potentials and experiences. All of infinity was to be impacted by what happened here in this very early drama of creation. The results of these events would impact everything. If this had failed, it would have been like a black hole, or vacuum pulling everything into a permanent nothingness.

Adam was terrified at this point knowing that Eve was forcing the situation, but there was no other choice. She would enter into a Pleiadian body to begin to fight the menace from within creation. He had to stay on the outside and wait. She split and also entered into a human body to hide Her identity. She knew as a Pleiadian, She would eventually be captured by the reptilians and hanged. That would leave Her consciousness buried in a human woman who would have no clue as to Her true identity. If She remained asleep, that would have ended it. She had to wake up and believe in who She really was. Every aspect of Her life screamed that this was a preposterous notion.

If the physical Eve had shown any resemblance to Her counterpart, Eve, wife of Adam, the reptilians would have seen this immediately and they would have made sure She was killed in some fashion or would have been busy sucking all of Her energy for their own use. If She had looked in the mirror and seen anything other than a regular person, the ruse would have been exposed. The reps would have quickly put some kind of vacuum device to Her energy to get it for themselves and the battle would have been lost. End of story.

Meanwhile, the mind control began by Adam forgetting these events and simply seeing Himself as a being walking alone in some part of creation. He was beginning to lose His memories. It was like He was now in a kind of dream. He met Eve who was also losing some of Her memories but not as much as He. They came together, but began to have problems and She left Him. (This was part of the plan and in the bigger picture they both knew this would happen, but had to forget.)

This was a setup because His fear of being abandoned became a huge obstacle to eventually overcome. He would have to learn that Her love was true and She would never abandon Him. He would have to learn to trust Her.

Meanwhile, the reptilians and other negative life forms were now establishing themselves within the constellation of Orion. They began to plan the overthrow of all others. The races that come up in reverse tell us of the greys who also lived in the vicinity of the reps, the Sirians, Pleiadians and Earth humans. Reverse does not talk about any other races, but in infinity, there are lots of other races and so people may hear that they are another race and this is very possible because of the time travel aspect. But the above-mentioned races are the most active.

The power mind of God knelt before Eve and vowed to fulfill Her wish. This part of Adam had never intended to take over, but the animosity that was enhanced by the owl made it an impossible situation. The power mind than began to accept that His power was the driving force of all of the negativity. He had told Eve He would pull out all of the stops and not hold back even in the face of overwhelming Creation. It had to be a real victory.

But as the events continued, the power side began to resent the Couple’s fight against Him. He saw them coming together in love and commitment. He felt like the outsider and was becoming more and more bitter. The more bitter He became, the more vicious the war and the more insidious the mind control.

A reversals tells us that He began to enjoy the whip. He was experiencing hatred. He still believed that He was in charge of the negativity. He did not realize the owl was using Him also, and that He was being played along with the Divine Couple. That was a tremendous wake up call and was the force that finally compelled Adam to integrate the two parts of His mind. Adam truly saw that there were never two brothers, only Himself fighting Himself. His mind became One. This took some effort, as Adam was not accustomed to this new holistic mind. At first, it still felt like a foreign invader as they sparred with each other. But as the two parts saw that they truly were just one, they stopped the shoving match and experienced both tender love and dynamic power.

But there is much more to this story.

The owl had acquired all of the brilliance of the Creator. There was no forgetfulness, only incredible intelligence channeled as evil.

The Divine Couple had to forget virtually everything and in a sense, fight every obstacle while flying blind. Wisdom would only come to them through tremendous effort.

The greys were quickly overwhelmed by their ferocious neighbors and forced to become the slaves of the reptilians. If they didn’t obey, they were quickly disposed of and replaced with clones. The reps wanted the greys to be the “poster aliens” so they could keep themselves hidden. They were never the evil ones, only abused victims.

The Sirius system was the next to be conquered. It came on suddenly and while there was some resistance, the Sirians could not win against this brute force. Many here in Earth bodies are from Sirius.

The Pleiades was now being invaded. But the Pleiadians had a little more warning and were forming a strong military and putting up defenses. But some of the planets in that system were taken over and the majority of people who are always questioning reality here are very likely Pleiadians in human form.

In the Pleiades, the Alliance was formed. These included some of the resistance group from Sirius who had managed to escape. The Alliance on the inside (you, if you are reading this) were also the key to holding a path of energy here to help insure that the Matrix didn’t become an absolute shut-down fortress.

Without our efforts, and staying the course, once again, this extreme drama would have ended in failure.


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