Saturday, April 9, 2011

President Obama's logo and the Egyptian Connection

The right is a hieroglyph found in an Egyptian pyramid representing 2012 - change for the greater good. The left is the famous obama logo.

The above image is Atum the Jesus/Lord/Sun/Son beams Aton-like rays of light... Qabbalah says that Atum is,

The atom symbol formed by Thoth is another Egyptian god called Atum. Atum … spelled A T U M … was called the complete one. The finisher of the earth. Atum was the one who returned to the watery chaos at the end of the creative cycle. Remember this characteristic about Atum. He’s the one who returns to watery chaos at the end of the creative cycle.

"That looks like me, look at those ears!" - President Obama. Obama in an Egyptian Hieroglyph found in one of the pyramids.

Some people believe that President Obama is the reincarnation of King Akhenaton.

Akhenaten (often alt: Akhnaten, or rarely Ikhnaton) meaning 'Effective spirit of Aten', first known as Amenhotep IV (sometimes read as Amenophis IV and meaning 'Amun is Satisfied') before his first year (died 1336 BC or 1334 BC), was a Pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt. He is especially noted for attempting to compel the Egyptian population in the monotheistic worship of Aten, although there are doubts as to how successful he was at this.

And of course Michelle Obama is King Akhenaten's Queen, Nefertiti.

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  1. Those are strikingly similar features... And, in Revelation, God talks of humanity and reincarnation. I wonder....